City Connectors (local guide)

 Welcome to the City Connectors Network of Local Guides

City Connectors
is a new approach to making travel an enriching experience by connecting visitors with local individuals - to learn and to share.
As a City Connector, you will provide details on the types of activities you want to share with others. This works best when you share what you enjoy to see and do in your city, as a local. 

Make Money, Make Friends
You set the price and terms of the offer. Some City Connectors choose to start with some standard activities, like a coffee meet up or lunch/dinner at favorite restaurant. You can be creative! Horseback riding, rock climbing or a canoe trip are just a few ideas for more elaborate activities, but you are likely to have some even better ideas.

How it works
You get approved as a City Connector and submit up to 4 activities you want to offer. When a client (Visitor) wishes to join, you will be contacted by us to coordinate a suitable time meet up point. Once all is confirmed, it is up to you to carry out the offer. 

Becoming a City Connector
A yearly City Connector fee* covers our running costs. Setting the price and collecting payment for an activity is entirely in your hands. A refundable deposit can also be set with each activity, once the date and time is confirmed by both parties, using a holding account with City Connectors, LLC.

For additional information or questions, please reach out to us at:

We hope you will become part of our global network!

Rich Sherwood
CEO and Founder
City Connectors, LLC

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